NEWS: IDW Officially announces Ditko Monsters: Gorgo

Adding to a previous post made here, IDW have just officially announced on their website that their new line of Ditko hardcover books will be launced next year with a Gorgo collection (volume one) due to be on sale 30th of January.

Here is what they said:

San, Diego, CA (October 30, 2012) – This January, the world is set to come under vicious attack. As ocean waters tremble and churn, undersea volcanoes violently erupt, and the giant lizard monster Gorgo rises once again to terrorize a woefully unprepared populace!
IDW Publishing and Yoe Books are thrilled to announce DITKO MONSTERS: GORGO! The first in a series, to be followed byDITKO MONSTERS: KONGA!, this volume collects the complete run of Ditko’s Gorgo: over 200 pages of explosive, destructive Gorgo action. This hardcover volume is absolutely packed with towering monster art by the inimitable comics legend STEVE DITKO!
Drawn at the same time Ditko was doing landmark work on Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, Gorgo was ripped from the reels of its cinematic origins and thrust into the pulpy comics spotlight. Seemingly unstoppable, Gorgo takes all comers as he stomps across the globe in adventures penned by fan-favorite writer Joe Gill with book design and an introduction by Eisner Award-winner, Craig Yoe.

“This is the third Ditko book I’ve had the great pleasure to produce, the first two were The Art of Ditko and The Creativity of Ditko,” saysYoe. “As proud of I am of those, this one may be the most F-U-N fun yet, because it’s all about a ginormous, scaly-skinned, dinosaur-like, anti-social, city-smashing MONSTER. Ditko obviously had a blast doing these mad-cool comics, smashingly putting the “GO” in Gorgo!”
A bona fide art legend, a vicious monster laying waste to highly populated urban areas, and an oversized, full-color hardback? Ladies and gentlemonsters, DITKO MONSTERS: GORGO!has it all!
DITKO MONSTERS: GORGO! (FC, 224 pages, $34.99) is in stores 1/30/13. Diamond code: NOV120414

Click here to read the full announcement (IDW’s website)

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