Related Articles: My correspondence with Steve Ditko

CBR has an interesting interview with Sean Howe where he talks briefly about Steve Ditko and a letter response (pictured) he got from the artist when researching for his Marvel history book.

He explains:

I sent a letter and he wrote a postcard back, which I posted on my Tumblr site, and jokingly trumpeted as “My Exclusive Correspondence With Steve Ditko.”

It was as much of a response as I could have hoped for, really, and I respect his right to privacy. But the truth is, he’s written a lot of essays about, say, the creation of Spider-Man, published in a series of low-print-run pamphlets that are not readily available. If he really wanted to get his side of the story out in the world, talking to journalists would be a pretty helpful move in that direction. History is largely written by those who speak to historians, you know?

He won’t answer questions as basic as, “Why did you quit Marvel Comics in 1966?” It’s obviously up to him — but it makes it harder for his side of the story to be fully represented.

Click to read the full CBR interview.

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2 Responses to Related Articles: My correspondence with Steve Ditko

  1. In my opinion Ditko understands the power of mystery, so it’s possible that he is using his aloft ness to maximize his mystique.

  2. Ditko doesn’t play such games. He simply doesn’t give interviews or provide assistance of any kind in such endeavors. He’s an extremely private man who prefers to let his work speak for him.

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