The Comics! Newsletter

Steve Ditko’s friend and fellow publisher Robin Snyder is the founder, writer and contributor of ‘The Comics!’ newsletter.
It is described as an ongoing history and features regular accounts from writers, artists, editors and many others who have worked within the comic book industry.
Steve Ditko is a regular contributor to the newsletter, so if you wish to order a subscription or individual issues contact Robin Snyder. Here are the details:

Subscription Cost (12 a year):
United States = $28
Oversees = $35

To try a sample of ‘The Comics!’ add:
United States = $2 or $1 to any book order
Oversees = email for quote (below)

Book Order Costs:
United States = $1.50 (one book) or $3 (two-five books)
Oversees =  email for quote (below)

Order information

Robin Snyder
3745 Canterbury Lane #81
Bellingham, WA
98225-1186 USA


Email directly at: