Ditko Cover of the Week (#6) – The Amazing Spider-Man #16

Friday again? Wow!
For this weeks ‘Cover of the Week’ we introduce our first featured Spider-man post! It is from September 10th 1964, it is…Amazing Spider-man #16:

Series: The Amazing Spider-man
Issue Number: 16
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Year of Publication: 1964
Inker: Steve Ditko
Interesting information:
This issue contains the first written reference to Mary Jane Watson who had only previously been known as Mrs Watson’s niece.
Also, when ASM #16 came out Daredevil was relatively a new character with a  yellow costume. This was later changed to red by the great comic master Wally Wood in Daredevil #7.
(image from Ditko-Fever.com) 

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3 Responses to Ditko Cover of the Week (#6) – The Amazing Spider-Man #16

  1. I really enjoy checking out all the posts there on Ditko Cultist.

    Mort Todd, Ditko’s editor at CRACKED magazine, created his take on the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #16: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-YnSY2Miq-1c/ThyslFXIhvI/AAAAAAAAECo/9uSgrI5dP9o/s1600/ASM16.jpg

  2. as i recall, Mort got a lot of flack for that cover recreation—something about DD’s knees.

  3. I love how ditko was clearly “searching” for that dynamic pose on this one. I think the direction flow of the whole drawing is great and the Ringmaster looks so rad… Ditko Rules ^_^

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