Marvel: Strange Tales #138 – “If Eternity Should Fail!”

Strange Tales #138 will blow your mind! Printed in 1965 it continues a mysterious Doctor Strange story that sees the master of the mystic arts encounter the great and unknown “Eternity”.
This issue is a real iconic Steve Ditko Strange issue which since its publication has been a real fan favorite. Not for its plot – which too was by Ditko – but for its mind-bending art; the likes of which had never been seen before! Few artists where risky enough to attempt such wild, expansive concepts and transfer them into comic book pencils. Steve Ditko did it, and we were left with this to enjoy: (click to enlarge)

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  1. In those days, there wasn’t a more courageous artist in superhero comics. Ditko was will to try to bend the rules of the traditional comic book panel format. And, more than that, he was able to alter that format in small and subtle ways.

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