Snyder & Ditko: Act 6

Act 6 is the first release by Steve Ditko for 2011. It is powerful, relevant and  humorous. There are five action packed takes to dig your teeth into – all of which are available for once single payment of $4.00; buy it!
The main s feature is a Miss Eerie detective story which sees her meet old friends and track down villains.
Ditko’s “The Cape” also has a short 2-page story which for me is the highlight as it is reminisent of a old quirky Charlton tale with a modern Ditko twist – a nice one for older fans.
“The P Masks” makes it debut in Act 6 also. It is an unusual concept involving  a confused and undervalued employee who attitude changes with the help of a mysterious shop keeper selling masks. Will he now be valued and have what it takes to succeed?
Steve Ditko’s objectivist roots also shine in this issue most notably in “Force and violence” which features new fan favorite The Grey Negotiator who once again is seeking compromise.
Lastly to close the issue is a 7-page “Outline” story displaying hostile acts of greed between two companions in a property feud.

This really is a landmark issue for Ditko. New concepts, new characters and new Ditko artwork for 2011. All this topped off with my favorite cover to date.
Here are some pages, including the back cover – (click to enlarge):


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