Ditkomania: #85 – Now available!

A little over a week ago Rob Imes released the 85th issue of Ditkomania. It is available to order now from here (you can also subscribe).
It has the broad theme of Black and White magazines which oppitimises the work of Steve Ditko; mainly is work at Warren publishing .
As usual the print quality is superb and is matched by the level of writing submitted by a variety of fans. The covers also are excellent; by Martin Hirchak (front cover) and Javier Hernandek (back cover).

The list of articles is as follows:

  1. “Lines drawn in B&W” by Rob Imes – a truly excellent editorial in line with the thinking of Steve Ditko – a mini masterpiece!
  2. Act 8 review by Rob Imes
  3. “Ditko’s Lost Human Torch/Hulk Story” by Bruce Buchanan
  4. “The Fault of the Marvel vault?”  by Barry Pearl
  5. “A DC reader looks into the Marvel vault” by Bryan D. Stroud
  6. Ditko in your future  by Rob Imes
  7. “Steve Ditko at Warren” by Jason Sacks – complete list of Ditko’s work at Warren (Eerie & Creepy)!
  8. “Ditko’s Little Monsters” by Bob Heer
One notable part from the issue is a mention of the low amount of submissions received this year compared with past years. Get your self an issue, read more comics then write and submit. Keep this wonderful fanzine alive.

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