Big Boy: #470 – The Amazingly Incredibly Improbable Journey!

Ive found it! Big Boy #470! This is  a rare glimpse into some Steve Ditko ‘commercial art’.I have been looking for this since I began hoarding Ditko’s work. It is a thin comic (only 4 double sided pages) which originally given away for free within Elias Brothers restaurants. Although radically different from his regular work which we all love, there are still glimpses of Ditko’s style that come through. For example, the hands – they curve and bend with the movement of the character and feature squared off tips which is characteristic of some Steve Ditko illustrations (not always). Also, the long stalky (skinny) figures of the characters, most notably Professor Fineman who towers over young Big Boy (most obvious is 3rd last panel) shows a similar style to that of Ditko’s work at Marvel (for example Peter Parker or Bruce Banner), however they lack facial detail and character. This story is unlikely to be reprinted, so here is the full story along with an illustration which features on the back cover – which you can colour in; you never know this could be the beginning of an inking and coloring career – (click to enlarge):

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2 Responses to Big Boy: #470 – The Amazingly Incredibly Improbable Journey!

  1. Actually, I believe that story HAS been reprinted in Craig Yoe’s ART OF DITKO volume. Craig was packaging the BIG BOY comics at the time and hired Steve to do it. There’s a great story in the book about when Craig awkwardly introduced Ditko to Jim Henson.

  2. DitkoCultist says:

    Just had a cheeky peak in my Art of Ditko book and it is not reprinted in there. Though I forgot how much I love the oversized format of that book!

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