NEWS: New Kickstarter for Laszlo’s Hammer from Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko

steve ditko robin snyder hammer kickstarter

After the success of their first kickstarter, Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko are at it again with a new project aimed at bringing back the long out-of-print Laszlo’s Hammer. Pledges can begin as low as $1 with rewards being given for pledges of $5 or above. The target for this kickstarter project is $2100 over 28 days. Help make it happen by taking part!

To make a pledge to the project visit the link here or click the screenshot above.

Here is the description from the page:

Who is Laszlo and what is the significance of his hammer?

We published Laszlo’s Hammer twenty years ago in the pages of our newsletter. (The original first page appears here in this preview.) That number has been long out of print. We revised the feature and corrected the spelling of Laszlo’s name for a new presentation in Avenging World in 2002. The splash page was revised one more time for publication, along with the powerful page 2, in The Avenging Mind in 2008. Here again, after all these years, is a new publication of one of Ditko’s most powerful, most important and unforgettable features, Laszlo’s Hammer.

A hammer has a power available to all as a tool or a weapon. One man dramatically and publicly revealed what makes it creative, productive or destructive. See and read how anyone can be its victim or its abuser. See and read Laszlo’s Hammer by Ditko coming next.

Laszlo’s Hammer will appear as the lead feature in our next book.

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