Fanzine Fantasy #1 – my new favorite fanzine!

fanzine fantasy #10001

Having recently acquired Fanzine Fantasy #1-3 from it’s author Martin Hirchak I found the time to read the first issue on a quiet night and was blown away by all aspects of the fanzine.

Martin Hirchak provides much of the illustration for the zine himself (as displayed with the cover above) and each is executed with professional precision. Much of his work is well-known to Steve Ditko fans because of his regular contributions to Rob Imes’s fanzine Ditkomania. However it was not until i read Fanzine Fantasy that I noticed he also has a skills for essay writing which can be seen in the three full length articles which sprinkle throughout the fanzine.

The publication, as shown by the cover, touches on the Ditko and John Romita story which to me revealed many interesting aspects of both artists and their versions of Spider-man. It also tackles the mysteries surrounding the Marvel Tales #12 cover (a mash-up) and explores the 50th anniversary of the Amazing Spider-man.

One aspect of this zine which I adored was its print quality and format size. Its huge! Well, pretty big and makes for great viewing; especially with the many images inside. Also the dark matte ink on card stock makes the images pop and provide a nice contrast for the black and white illustrations.

If you like Steve Ditko and comic book fandom as well as indie art then you should check this publication out! Future issues are out and can be ordered with this issue from Martin Hirchak by contacting him via email:

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