Steve Ditko Interview: The Comic Fan #2 (1965)

From the fanzine The Comic Fan #2 in 1965. Conducted by Gary Martin.

Gary: Do you prefer inking to pencilling?
Steve: Like both, each has its own fascinating problems.

Gary: Do all Marvel artists work twice-up?
Steve: I think so.

Gary: Do you use blue pencil for rough sketches?
Steve: No!

Gary: Would you prefer to draw and ink or do you prefer other people to ink your pencils?
Steve: Rather do it all myself.

Gary: What type of pen do you prefer? Do you prefer pen to a brush?
Steve: I change off from one to the other. I use different ones, depending on how I feel. I like a Hunt 102.

Gary: Does Marvel allow their artists anything in the way of supplies?
Steve: Nothing supplied.

Gary: Do you uses some type of opaque color to erase mistakes?
Steve: Sometimes. I also use razor blade or ink eraser.

Gary: Have you ever considered syndicating a strip?
Steve: Yes, but not seriously.

Gary: Do you have any personal dislikes in comics?
Steve: I have them about everything.

Gary: What is your favorite TV show?
Steve: Don’t watch TV.

Gary: How long does it take to complete a page of art?
Steve: It depends on how I feel and interest in the story and deadline.

Gary: Who originated Capt. Atom?
Steve: Someone at Charlton Press. Don’t know exactly who as I just worked out costume, etc.

Gary: Why was he discontinued?
Steve: I don’t know.

Gary: Who originated Spider-man??
Steve: Stan Lee thought the name up. I did costume, web gimmick on wrist, & spider signal.

Gary: Would you enjoy continuing on him?
Steve: If nothing better comes along.

Gary: About your art, have you ever attempted painting or any other field of art?
Steve: No.

Gary: Is there a chance of a rivival of Captain Atom?
Steve: Only Charlton Press can answer that.

Gary: Do you/did you ever draw from models?
Steve: Once, when studying.

Gary: Do you stick to your assigned script or do you sometimes drift?
Steve: I am allowed to drift.

Gary: Other than practice, practice, and practice, what other advice to ‘budding’ young artists do you offer?
Steve: Learn what is right & wrong about drawing or art. Practicing bad drawing habits is an awful waste.
Study anatomy – you should know what is under the skin and how it moves.
Study people – to see how he muscles & bones cause the various shadows, bumps & shapes – their gestures, emotions, habits – everything about them.
Study other artists – to see how they interpret anatomy, people, etc.
Everything today, whether it’s a light bulb or the English language – or a car, is the result of people building on the knowledge before us. Everyone adding something of their own.
That is why you must study –
1. The basic anatomy, composition drapery, and even story telling.
2. Then seeing how this basic anatomy, or basic drapery looks on human beings in various poses, lighting or conditions, wet clothing is different than dry.
3. And studing other artists to see how they interpret the basic anatomy composition, drapery, etc.
This does not mean you can copy what they do – but help you understand how it is done and why. To show a man laughing – means definite muscles must move, yet 10 different artists can draw 10 different pictures and all be right and not two drawings alike. Basically, yes – they’re all the same – since smiling action must conform to anatomy, but the artist’s individual approach to how to show it sets him apart.
1. Study the basics
2. She how it appears in life
3. How others interpret it
4. And from it all do it in a way that you personally feel is right or good.

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2 Responses to Steve Ditko Interview: The Comic Fan #2 (1965)

  1. Steve Ditko loves the art and stan lee loves the publishing part. But Steve was the right artist at the right time and year so the world can have the Spider-man we all know and love as much as we would love Steve Ditko. If only the publishers will tell us who makes all the sidermen and super men ( don’t come out of thin air ) And the publishers don’t make them only sell them that’s why spider-man and super man only come one time in a life time and the big publishers make all the money and do not love the art, but love the money. One of these days every one will know the truth….

  2. Steve I’m an artist like you and I’m finished with my comic book called THE LEGENDI’m the penciler ,story &inks don all by me.I would like to ask you if i can on the first page write ( DEDICATED TO STEVE DITKO if it’s OK with you can you have some one write me back with YES or NO. Thank you little J

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