Ditkomania: #7

Picked up my earliest issue of Ditkomania – #7.
Its a fantastic issue. It celebrates Ditkomania’s 1st anniversary way back in 1984.

It contains:

  • Introduction by Bill Hall (2-pages)
  • A partial Ditko checklit (4-pages)
  • Review of “The Fly” (1-pages)
    by Bill Hall
  • Ditko’s K article (3-pages)
    by Will Murray
  •  Tim Boo Bahs preview and “Steve trek” illustration (1-page)
    by Ken Hahn & Bill hall
  • In depth Index article (2-pages)
    by Hajdusek & Murray
  • The day they censured Ditko article (3-pages)
    by Will Murray
  • Letters (1-page)
  • Ditko’s First Published Story? article (1-page)
    by Roger Stewart

Front cover art by Bill Hall & Ken Hahn and back cover by Roger Stewart making this another great issue.

Here are some highlights (click to enlarge):

Ditkomania is still in print and available from Rob Imes. Contact him for both new issues and back issues:


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