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Original Art: The Incredible Hulk #6 (Page 22, 1963)

Have any scans or pictures of Steve Ditko original art you would like to share? Contact me at robertsamcrawford@googlemail.com or via the comment link below.

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Marvel: Tales to Astonish #67 – Where strides the Behemoth

“Where strides the behemoth” is the last story Steve Ditko would ever pencil for the classic Marvel series: Tales to Astonish. It is a dramatic end for the illustrator but not for the kidnapped scientist Bruce Banner as it is … Continue reading

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Marvel: Tales to Astonish #64 – The Humanoid Horde Strikes!

Here is my most recent pick-up. Part of the “Giant Man and the Incredible Hulk” series of Tales to Astonish, this issue (#64) continues Bruce Banner’s struggle against a mysterious Humanoid trying to gain all knowledge of the Incredible Hulk. The art … Continue reading

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Ditkomania: #84 – Now available

Rob Imes, independent printer and writer, has just shipped out the new 84th issue of Ditkomania to readers and enthusiasts around the world. This months theme for the magazine is “Ditko at Marvel”, which primarily celebrates and explores the upcoming … Continue reading

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