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Articles: The secret hero of Spider-Man (NewYork Post article – July 3rd 2012)

The New York Post today has featured what it titles “The secret hero of Spider-man”. Using the word ‘hero’ (a topic and trait which Ditko is enthralled with) you would expect an article of praise for the co-creator of a “billion-dollar franchise”, … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous: A Ditkomania Pin-up! Ever Lovin’ Ayn Rand by Dave Sim

Regular readers of Bill Hall & Rob Imes’s fanzine Ditkomania will know that Cerebus creator Dave Sim shares a passion for Steve Ditko, his work and his ability to tell stories. In 2008, for Ditkomania, he drew a charismatic pin-up that reflects … Continue reading

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INFO: The Voice of Ditko – From “Masters of Comic Book Art” VHS

In 1989 Steve Ditko did something that few fans would expect him to do… he revealed his voice! For those of you who don’t know there are only 4 or so photos known to exist of Steve Ditko (in the public domain) … Continue reading

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