Magnus Robot Fighter #6 Trading Card #21

A recent discovery of a Steve Ditko illustrated trading card (#21 of the series) was found in Magnus Robot Fighter #6. Steve Ditko also did story art to issues #18 & #19 for publisher Valiant. Thanks to for the scan:

steve ditko magnus robot fighter trading card

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Related Article: Just pay Ditko by Ryan C of Geeky Universe

geek universe header steve ditko

Think you need support in your finances and need help getting the fees you are due?

Then contact Ryan C of Geeky Universe. A self appointed spokesman of Steve Ditko when it comes to creator rights and royalty payments.

He has written a recent article entitled “Just pay Ditko!” which undermines the independence and a privacy of the artist and looks to get delve deeper into a topic which is of no concern to others except the creators and the companies whom they work(ed) for.

Click here to read the article and see if you agree with me.

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Original Art: Incredible Hulk Annual #9 (Page 11, 1980) (Marvel)

Steve Ditko and Al Milgrom Incredible Hulk Annual #9 Page 11 Original Art

Al Milgrom inks.

Have some original Steve Ditko art scans you would like to share? Email me at

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Laszlo’s Hammer Kickstarter Goal reached & 7 days to go!

laszlos goal reached

Laszlo’s Hammer from Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko has successfully reached its $2100 funding goal through its Kickstarter page. Well done to those who contributed!

However the funding does not finish there. The project still has 7 days to go which still allows further contributions to be added and allow for the books and several different rewards to be ordered. So if you have not yet pledged an amount you can still do so by clicking here or the image above.

Congratulations to Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko for another successful fundraiser.

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Snyder/Ditko 25th Year update (a summary)

snyder & ditko 25 years

A recent email from Robin Snyder to suppliers explains what is to come from the publishing duo. It can be summarized below:

  • Laszlo’s Hammer will be the next book from Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko – it can still be ordered through the kickstarter page here.
  • The cover price for Laszlo’s Hammer will be $6
  • #9 Teen (a Ditko 32 page book) will be coming soon.
  • The Four-Pager Series #4 (essays) will be coming soon.
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Some of you may have noticed the addition to the blog banner saying: “in association with” and I thought it was time to explain. This will be a new site launching in September or October with the sole purpose of selling Steve Ditko comics; most of which will come directly from Robin Snyder (Steve Ditko’s partner and publisher). It will be a fun project to work on and I am currently working on the design and working closely with Robin Snyder to ensure we have all the stock when it launches! I am aiming for mid-September however to ensure things run smoothly we could be looking at October. So keep an eye out, visit and subscribe to the mailing list. As a teaser enjoy the banner which was designed by professional artist Bruce McCorkindale:


Also, the blog will continue to run as always. It is staying!

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Ditko pencils vs Inks

Thanks to the regular posters at the Ditkomania Facebook Group we have a handful of Steve Ditko pencil scans that are presented with their finished inks. See what the difference is:

ROM 69 ROM 60 Return of Skyman Chuck Norris 2

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Locke & Key Alpha #2: Dave Sim does Steve Ditko’s Amazing Spider-man #29

For the second issue of Locke & Key: Alpha writer and artist Dave Sim (well-known for his Cerebus series) was asked to contribute a variant cover. What he came up with was a Steve Ditko inspired homage to 29th issue of Amazing Spider-man. Have a look below and see the results.

Click here for original article.

dave sim lock variant steve ditko steve ditko amazing spiderman 29 cover

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Robin Snyder on the Kickstarter (an update)

A recent update on the Kickstarter project from Robin Snyder:

We are well on our way to success thanks to Nick and Rob and Don and all the rest.

Thank you.

As I wrote in the Biography section, Ditko and I once produced material for Archie and DC and Western and others. It was so much easier with the help of assistants, secretaries, proofreaders, mailmen, Art Directors and so forth.

We have yet to attain those heights at our unique little two-man operation.

We have chosen to limit the Kickstarter production of Laszlo’s Hammer to a USA release. Not because we are opposed to foreign sales but because of my physical limitations. Filling the foreign orders for the successful campaign for The Ditko Public Service Package #2, working with the Post Office and completing Customs documents and transporting the packages was more than I could handle. Some days I was only able to package half-a-dozen orders.

That is what took me five weeks to fill all of your orders.

Something had to give if we were to continue.

I regret the inconvenience this decision causes those of you in Canada, Singapore, UK and so forth.

The good news is this important book by my friend will be available this autumn through our foreign distributors.

Thank you for your continuing interest in and support for our publications.

You are appreciated,


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Original Art: Amazing Spider-Man #10 (Page 13,1964) (Marvel)

Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-Man 10 The Enforcers Page 13 Original Art Marvel, 1964

Currently up for auction at Heritage Auctions.

Have any scans of Steve Ditko original art you would like to share? Email me at and let’s make it happen!

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NEWS: New Kickstarter for Laszlo’s Hammer from Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko

steve ditko robin snyder hammer kickstarter

After the success of their first kickstarter, Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko are at it again with a new project aimed at bringing back the long out-of-print Laszlo’s Hammer. Pledges can begin as low as $1 with rewards being given for pledges of $5 or above. The target for this kickstarter project is $2100 over 28 days. Help make it happen by taking part!

To make a pledge to the project visit the link here or click the screenshot above.

Here is the description from the page:

Who is Laszlo and what is the significance of his hammer?

We published Laszlo’s Hammer twenty years ago in the pages of our newsletter. (The original first page appears here in this preview.) That number has been long out of print. We revised the feature and corrected the spelling of Laszlo’s name for a new presentation in Avenging World in 2002. The splash page was revised one more time for publication, along with the powerful page 2, in The Avenging Mind in 2008. Here again, after all these years, is a new publication of one of Ditko’s most powerful, most important and unforgettable features, Laszlo’s Hammer.

A hammer has a power available to all as a tool or a weapon. One man dramatically and publicly revealed what makes it creative, productive or destructive. See and read how anyone can be its victim or its abuser. See and read Laszlo’s Hammer by Ditko coming next.

Laszlo’s Hammer will appear as the lead feature in our next book.

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Original Art: Tales to Astonish #39 (Page 4, 1963)

From the story “The Toy Soldiers” featured in Tales to Astonish #39.

Steve Ditko Tales to Astonish 39 The Toy Soldiers Page 4 Original ArtAbout to go up for sale at Heritage Auctions

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Original Art: Amazing Spider-Man #21 (Page 19, 1965)

Steve Ditko Amazing Spider-Man #21 Page 19 Original Art (Marvel, 1965)

Currently up for sale at Heritage Auctions

Have any Steve Ditko original art scans you would like to share? Email me at and get in touch!

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Fanzine Fantasy #1 – my new favorite fanzine!

fanzine fantasy #10001

Having recently acquired Fanzine Fantasy #1-3 from it’s author Martin Hirchak I found the time to read the first issue on a quiet night and was blown away by all aspects of the fanzine.

Martin Hirchak provides much of the illustration for the zine himself (as displayed with the cover above) and each is executed with professional precision. Much of his work is well-known to Steve Ditko fans because of his regular contributions to Rob Imes’s fanzine Ditkomania. However it was not until i read Fanzine Fantasy that I noticed he also has a skills for essay writing which can be seen in the three full length articles which sprinkle throughout the fanzine.

The publication, as shown by the cover, touches on the Ditko and John Romita story which to me revealed many interesting aspects of both artists and their versions of Spider-man. It also tackles the mysteries surrounding the Marvel Tales #12 cover (a mash-up) and explores the 50th anniversary of the Amazing Spider-man.

One aspect of this zine which I adored was its print quality and format size. Its huge! Well, pretty big and makes for great viewing; especially with the many images inside. Also the dark matte ink on card stock makes the images pop and provide a nice contrast for the black and white illustrations.

If you like Steve Ditko and comic book fandom as well as indie art then you should check this publication out! Future issues are out and can be ordered with this issue from Martin Hirchak by contacting him via email:

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Ditkomania #91 Cover revealed + Kickstarter Update

Thanks to the artist, Javier Hernandez, we can now see a sneak preview of the upcoming color cover to Ditkomania #91:

steve ditko ditkomania cover art kickstarter preview javier hernandez

The Ditkomania issue is currently in the process of being funded through Kickstarter and has just surpassed it $400 goal. So well done to Rob Imes; the current author.

If you would like to order a copy of the fanzine or pledge to the project visit the Kickstarter page here. Hurry though!It ends in two days time!

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