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Unpublished Ditko: Sketches and Color Guides For COSAGE

Another example of Ditko putting down a very quick and rough sketch, most likely as a color guide for Charlton’s colorist, Wendy Fiore. Cosage appeared in the 6 page story “Kela is just ahead, Razno!” in CHARLTON ACTION:FEATURING STATIC #12, … Continue reading

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Charlton Action Kid -intital designs

We have here what appears to be Ditko’s preliminary designs (perhaps even his first attempt?) of the Charlton Action Kid! Note that it’s on rice/tracing paper, is hastily sketched out, and a few rudimentary colors thrown in for his own … Continue reading

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Original cover art; HAUNTED #7, August 1972

Cheers, and welcome to my first post with the Cultist Team! Stunning cover art penciled and inked by Ditko for the 7th issue of Charlton Comics “HAUNTED”, cover dated August 1972. As you can see, a few of the cover … Continue reading

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