Robin Snyder on the Kickstarter (an update)

A recent update on the Kickstarter project from Robin Snyder:

We are well on our way to success thanks to Nick and Rob and Don and all the rest.

Thank you.

As I wrote in the Biography section, Ditko and I once produced material for Archie and DC and Western and others. It was so much easier with the help of assistants, secretaries, proofreaders, mailmen, Art Directors and so forth.

We have yet to attain those heights at our unique little two-man operation.

We have chosen to limit the Kickstarter production of Laszlo’s Hammer to a USA release. Not because we are opposed to foreign sales but because of my physical limitations. Filling the foreign orders for the successful campaign for The Ditko Public Service Package #2, working with the Post Office and completing Customs documents and transporting the packages was more than I could handle. Some days I was only able to package half-a-dozen orders.

That is what took me five weeks to fill all of your orders.

Something had to give if we were to continue.

I regret the inconvenience this decision causes those of you in Canada, Singapore, UK and so forth.

The good news is this important book by my friend will be available this autumn through our foreign distributors.

Thank you for your continuing interest in and support for our publications.

You are appreciated,


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