Brian Michael Bendis on Ditko

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I had an amazingly similar experience to the one Jonathan Ross had.

when I was doing my series of creator interviews for Wizard magazine I reached out to him. I knew full well that he didn’t do interviews anymore but I thought MAYBE if it was a creator creator interview there might be a slim chance he would be up for it.

I got his number from our mutual friend and editor Ralph macchio. I called him up and explained myself and who I was and what I wanted to do.

he said he appreciated that but he didn’t do interviews.

I said I completely understand but, off the record, I was curious to what happened that made him not want to do interviews anymore.

he said that’s an excellent question but it’s an interview question and I DON’T DO INTERVIEWS ANYMORE!!!

before he hung up I was able to thank him profusely for creating Spiderman and all that that has given me in my life. I do know that on some level he heard me so I feel really good about that.

Ralph told me that he went to his house yeares ago and saw a big pile of Dr. strange original art and he asked what it was for.  Steve said that it is a brand-new Dr. strange graphic novel. Ralph asked when he could read it and he said: no, that that’s not for you it’s just for me.

you have to admire the purity

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