Ditkomania #91 Kickstarter launched!

After the success of the Kickstarter for issue #90 Ditkomania and its author Rob Imes have launched another for the latest, 91st issue, of the Steve Ditko fanzine.


Pledges can be as low as $1 with a variety of rewards offered for amounts of $2+. It is a great publication and a must for any Steve Ditko fan. There is a video:


Which also comes with the following description:

The print copy of DITKOMANIA #91 will be at least 32 B&W pages (possibly more depending on the contents) and will focus on Speedball and other bouncing characters of Steve Ditko (such as his obscure Mr. Quiver, who has only appeared in two stories).

The issue will also have a long letters section from readers reacting to the previous issue of Ditkomania (#90, “Ron Frantz Remembers”), including a letter by Cerebus creator Dave Sim.

The fanzine is printed on a photocopier, and hand-folded and stapled by me. I number each issue individually (with a red ballpoint pen) on the front inside cover. The covers are printed on cardstock paper.

If this Kickstarter campaign is successful, I will have a COLOR cover on the printed copies of Ditkomania, which would be the first time I’ve done that before.  The front cover was drawn by Javier Hernandez and colored by Fester Faceplant.  The back cover (featuring Speedball) was drawn by Tom Ahearn and colored by Mort Todd.

Depending on this Kickstarter response, I may consider using a print-on-demand type printer (instead of a photocopier) to print the issue, if pledges are significantly higher than my goal amount.

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