NEWS: Amazing Spider-man Omnibus: Volume 1 is to get a new printing!

steve ditko amazing spider-man omnibus marvel reissue reprint

Since the last printing ceased The Amazing Spider-man Omnibus Volume 1 was beginning to reach large prices of $200+ on online stores like eBay or places like Amazon Marketplace.

Marvel have recently announced that this September the volume will be reprinted and available to purchase at an affordable price through most good retailers.

I was one of the people who paid a lot of the current first printing so it is nice to see  that others will be more likely to get a hold of a copy and at a good price!

Now we can all enjoy Steve Ditko’s Amazing Spider-man Issues BACK to BACK!

Here is the description of the book, taken from the Amazon listing:

He was a teenage web-slinger, and he carved a career few heroes have equaled since! Witness the origins of Doctor Octopus, the Sandman, the Lizard, Electro and more of Spider-Man’s original rogues gallery – most of whom remain in the spotlight forty years later! Plus: Spider-Man’s identity is exposed for the first time! His first fights with the Green Goblin, the villain who would defeat him more disastrously than any other! Spidey’s first effort to join a super-team, and his first effort to fight a super-team – all before his high-school graduation (and we’ve got that, too)! Guest-starring Doctor Strange, Daredevil, the Human Torch, the Hulk and more! Collects Amazing Fantasy #15, Amazing Spider-Man #1-38 and Annual #1-2 – plus the Spider-Man stories from Fantastic Four Annual #1 & Strange Tales Annual #2, and the covers to Marvel Tales #3-28 & Annual #1-2.

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