Charlton Action Kid -intital designs

Charlton Action Kid -intital designs

We have here what appears to be Ditko’s preliminary designs (perhaps even his first attempt?) of the Charlton Action Kid! Note that it’s on rice/tracing paper, is hastily sketched out, and a few rudimentary colors thrown in for his own reference.
Below C.A.K. , we have what also appears the beginnings of his “Heads” strip!
This piece comes to my attention through the collection of Patrick Sullivan, although it’s been some time since I found these scans, and it’s possible that they may have changed hands since then.
There are Two more of these types of “get it down on paper before I forget it” that I will be posting over the next few days.
[If anyone knows the whereabouts–or even the authenticity, although, the handwriting is most definitely Ditko–of this piece, please contact us here at the Cultist!]
— Fester.

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  1. DitkoCultist says:

    What a beauty! Never seen these and looking forward to more!

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