INFO: An introduction to Snyder & Ditko 25th Anniversary (Robin Snyder)

Taken from the Kickstarter profile of Robin Snyder (co-publisher w/ Steve Ditko):

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Like Duke Ellington, we don’t get around much any more. Neither one of us has attended a convention or sat still for an interview in more than ten years. But. We have been active. We have been productive. We have been hard at work.
Steve Ditko and I together have published more than 30 books, hundreds of articles and essays and the first-person history, The Comics!
Sharon Levine and Gavin Callaghan, among other readers, have asked about our early produced material, how we got together, where have we been, how did we begin self-publishing and so forth.
Ditko, the original artist on Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, Captain Atom, Konga and others has a list of credits that is impressive: Tales of the Mysterious Traveler, Strange Tales, Gorgo, This Magazine Is Haunted, Beware the Creeper, The Fantastic Four, House of Mystery, Rom, Chuck Norris, The Incredible Hulk, The Many Ghosts of Doctor Graves, Shade the Changing Man, Magnus and many others.
I have written and edited stories and books for Archie, Batman, Detective Comics, Elvira’s House of Mystery, Green Lantern, Tweety and Sylvester, Katy Keene, Sin Titulo, Creepy, Voltron, Steel Sterling, Popeye, Wonder Woman, The Unexpected, etc.
We have worked together for a variety of publishers, mostly in New York, ever seeking opportunity. You may have seen some of this work:
The Fly
Frisky Frolics
The Missing Man

After years of working for others we struck out on our own. From 1988 to date we have continued and/or introduced a variety of new characters and concepts such as The !?, A to Z, Miss Eerie, Hero and Villain, Killjoy, The Outline, The P Masks and the most original character in the comics: Mr. A. Here is a complete list of the titles we have published.

Steve Ditko’s Static
Steve Ditko’s Static: chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Ditko Package
The Mocker
The Ditko Public Service Package #2
Steve Ditko’s 160-Page Package
Steve Ditko’s 80-Page Package #2: The Missing Man
Steve Ditko’s 160-Page Package #3: From Charlton Press
Steve Ditko’s 32-Page Package #5: Tsk! Tsk!
Steve Ditko’s Static: 160 pages: Chapters 1 to 14 plus…
Steve Ditko’s 176-Page Package #4: Heroes
Ditko Package, 2nd Edition
Avenging World
The Avenging Mind
Ditko, etc…
…Ditko Continued…
Oh, No! Not Again, Ditko!
Ditko Once More
Ditko Presents
Mr. A., 2nd Edition
A Ditko Act Two
A Ditko Act 3
Act 4
The Cover Series
Ditko #5-Five Act
Act 6
..Wha..!? Ditko’s “H.” Series, 2nd Edition
Act 7, Seven, Making 12, Twelve, of Ditko’s 32s
Act 8 Making Lucky 13, Thirteen, Ditko’s 32s
A Ditko #14
A Ditko #15
#16: Sixteen
#17: Seventeen

Have you ever wondered about the comics, who did what, when and why? We address these and similar questions in our monthly, first-person newsletter, The Comics!
Here is a copy of our Ambition Statement.

Our goal is to create a positive, working oral history of the comics.
We will go to the source—the original publishers, editors, writers, artists, and others—for their testimony and evidence on the development of the titles, strips, characters and trends (or on the work that they consider their best) which shape the world of the comics;
Separate fact from fiction and the fundamental from the trivial;
Focus on the relevant: who did what, how, when and why, on building rather than tearing down;
And honor, show respect for, grant recognition to, those who came before; the pioneers, those who blazed the new trails, took the fresh steps and made advancements in the field of the comics.
I have endeavored to properly identify those involved in the production of the material discussed in this publication. Realizing contradictory information has been handed down over the years, I apologize to anyone misidentified or unidentified and invite such person to inform me of the error.

We have recently published work by and about Eduardo Barreto, Steve Bissette, John Celardo, Jerry DeFuccio, Tony DeZuniga, Steve Ditko, Hy Eisman, Stan Goldberg, Lee Goldsmith, Ron Goulart, Bill Harris, Carmine Infantino, Jim Ivey, Robert Kanigher, Batton Lash, Don Mangus, Sheldon Mayer, Carol Newman, Paul S. Newman, Gary Poole, Art Saaf, Rodney Schroeter, Alvin Schwartz, John Severin, Dave Sim, Joe Simon, Robin Snyder, Jim Stenstrum, Marvin Tapley, Dylan Williams and others.

Quickly now. Which writer, artist, or editor has written more than any other on comics criticism and analysis? Milt Caniff? Al Capp? Chester Gould? Gil Kane? Robert Kanigher? Stan Lee? Alex Toth? I don’t know the answer but do know that one of the most prolific is Steve Ditko. His topics and themes include comics and characters such as Spider-Man and Mr. A, criticism, cultural commentary, trends and ideas, history, and philosophy. He writes of specific matters of interest with an eye for larger concerns and wider implications.
Here is a small sampling of the many articles, essays and commentaries Ditko has written:
“The ‘Stolen Art Page’ Problem and the Error of Non-Principled Thinking”
“A Mini-History”
“The Avenging World”
“Who Owns Original Art?”
Tsk! Tsk! Examining a “Creator”/”Creation” Claim”
“Violence, the Phoney Issue”
The Tsk! Tsk! Forum: “…On An Unresolved Issue”
“The Avenging Mind”
“An Issue, Question”
“Creator or Co-Creator?”
“Creative Crediting”
“He Giveth and He Taketh Away”
“Lifting and the Lifter”
“Revealing Styles”
“Martin Goodman/Stan Lee”

It gives us great satisfaction to announce the beginning of our 25th anniversary celebration and the reprint of one of our earliest books: The Ditko Public Service Package.


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