NEWS: Ditko essays in the latest issue of The Comics!


The following was posted from Rob Imes, author of Ditkomania.

Ditko takes on fandom and its “right to know” in the new issue of Robin Snyder’s The Comics! (It’s the Sept. 2012 issue; Robin has been behind schedule this year — as have I.) The issue reprints the 2 most recent Ditko short essays from late last year, plus has 3 more. The essay “A Newspaper Article, a Reporter’s Report” begins: “There was a recent newspaper article about me and my art. One revealing word in reference to my art is ‘doodle.'” You can read the rest of what Ditko has to say by ordering a copy of the issue from Robin. Email him at for more info.

I will post an update of these essays when I receive the issue. More essays are very exciting! If you havn’t read any you can order some from Robin Snyder using the above email.

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