NEWS: Ditkomania Kickstarter & Facebook Group

Ditkomania – the fanzine dedicated to Steve Ditko – has begun to branch out with the introduction of two new ideas.

1.) There is a Kickstarter project due to begin that should help fund the latest issue. Rob Imes (editor & author) has made this brief video to promote the idea:

The kickstarter plan also came with the following:
“The way I set it up is that the goal is $400, and the reward increments are $2 for a PDF of the issue (which I’m aiming at folks who are already paid subscribers to the fanzine, since they will be getting a copy of the print issue anyway); $3 for a print copy of #90 (U.S. addresses only); and $5 for a print copy & PDF of #90 (which is also ideal for those outside the USA who want a print copy). ” (Rob Imes, Facebook 2013)


The Second of the new ideas coming from Ditkomania is the creation of a Facebook group where active and current conversations regarding the artist can be held. It has also been a great place to share unusual and interesting Steve Ditko art (not full books though ofcourse).

This can be found using the following link:
(if you have trouble using the above link try opening in the same browser window once you have logged into Facebook.) A preview image of the page can be seen below:

steve ditko ditkomania facebook page group

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