INFO: Amazing Fantasy #15 on Comixology

What do you think of the digital version of Amazing Fantasy #15 that was captured in the screenshots below? It is from the Comixology app from the Google Play store. Priced at $3.99.

Steve ditko ditkocultist amazing fantasy 15, digital, copy, app, comixology, splash

Steve ditko comixology 2 screenshot, amazing fantasy, 15, digital copy, page 2

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5 Responses to INFO: Amazing Fantasy #15 on Comixology

  1. It’s a beautiful job of coloring, and there’s no mistaking that Ditko charm.

  2. DitkoCultist says:

    Couldn’t agree anymore. At first I was shocked how radical it was; especially the shading. But what a beautiful and skillful application! I cannot find who it was however it reminds me of the coloring for IDW’s The Rocketeer. Any thoughts?

  3. smithallen301 says:

    The coloring is interesting. I really enjoyed the coloring on the Thor/Tales of Asgard reprints a few years back, it made the art appear like new. The above pages seem as though they are brighter than the origtnal coloring, but as I don’t have the originals or reprints of the originals, I can’t say for sure. The brighter coloring changes the mood of the story somewhat, although, as I stated, the Thor reprints were great when colored in the “new” coloring.

  4. Kid Robson says:

    The new colouring was by Jean-Francois Beaulieu – I think it’s great, although I would’ve liked to see something closer to the original colour scheme, but done in the modern way. Incidentally, as you can see, the splash page has been cropped, but the full page can be seen in the Hachette partworks presentation of the story,

  5. Kid Robson says:

    which is currently available in Britain. (Oops! Sorry for the cut-off.)

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