INFO: Amazing Spider-man #700 – Steve Ditko Variant cover

For those who do not know, The Amazing Spider-man series is being rebooted in January after issue #700. It is to be turned into “The Superior Spider-man”. To mark the occasion the issue was given a Steve Ditko variant (1:200) which uses the original Amazing Fantasy #15 art that Steve Ditko supplied back in 62′. Here is the cover, in its print/remastered form:

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2 Responses to INFO: Amazing Spider-man #700 – Steve Ditko Variant cover

  1. Appears to be a broken link. Can this get fixed?

  2. This appears to be the first major re-definition of the “character” founded by Ditko and Lee back in the early 60s. I’ve read the issue, and the two leading up to it, and find it to be a poor attempt to breathe life back into a character that has grown stale, not truely been allowed to grow. It smacks of Marvel’s attempt to revitalize Cyclops by mixing part of Apocolyps’ personality with Scout Summers to make him a new, edgier, more forceful character. I won’t tell you who the new Spider-Man is, but he treats MJ with contempt, and it won’t be long before she figures it out and dumps him big time. Mark my words.

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