NEWS: More Ditko essays to come from Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko comics

Thanks to a correspondence between Robin Snyder and Ditkocomicsweblog there is news that the article/essay featured in #17 (Titled: The Knowers & the Barkers) was the first in a new series. Here is what was said:

Steve Ditko and his work have been in the news of late.

Many readers have been thinking about, writing about, the creator of numerous comics characters such as Mr. A., The Hero, Madman, Stac Rae, Miss Eerie, and so many others.

Wondering what he has been doing, what he thinks about, why he does what he does, how and what if… and so forth.

There are real answers to some of these questions.

In addition to his fiction, Ditko is also an essayist.

He has written and published dozens of articles and essays from a biographical sketch to creator’s rights, page and panel composition and the development of Spider-Man.

For those interested in Steve Ditko, who he is, what has he done, why he does it, and what he has been thinking, I direct your attention to the source and a new series we have developed.

The first article (“The Knowers & the Barkers”) appeared in his recent comic book, #17: Seventeen.

The second in the series will appear shortly in our newsletter, The Comics!

Look for it.


Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko

Read original post here at Ditkocomicsweblog.

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