Daniel Clowes inking Steve Ditko (a CBR article).

Thanks to CBR I became aware of an interesting article regarding ‘alternative’ comic book artist Dan Clowes’s (Eightball) who on his recent blog post shows how he learned to ink from copies of both Jack Kirby’s and Steve Ditko pencils. It has two examples (below) and came with the following caption:

Here are two pencil drawings from Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, inked by a young Daniel Clowes. The first was done for the artist’s own amusement during his formative years as a cartoonist, when he got a hold of a photocopy of a page of Steve Ditko pencils through a friend [1985]. The second was done for a Jack Kirby tribute ‘pin-up’ anthology where he was supplied a pencil sketch of “Vollstag,” a character from the comic Thor, and asked to ink it [1994].

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