Articles: The secret hero of Spider-Man (NewYork Post article – July 3rd 2012)

The New York Post today has featured what it titles “The secret hero of Spider-man”. Using the word ‘hero’ (a topic and trait which Ditko is enthralled with) you would expect an article of praise for the co-creator of a “billion-dollar franchise”, however what we have here is a insulting rant which describes his contemporary work as “doodles inspired by Ayn Rand”. With quotes purposely used to stir anti-randian pot and to portray the artist as a crazy, anti-social  elder who is past his peak this article should be read with a bit suspicion – or yours eyes closed. It was clear from the way this article was written – with quotes taken out of context or swung in a certain direction – that this was meant to be read by those who do not know much about the artist.

It was however interesting to hear what Steve Ditko had to say when the NYP confronted him at his studio when researching this piece. But these quotes have little value on their own when they are cut and pasted at will – whole dialogue missing.


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  1. I can’t stand Rand or her evil philosophies. However, that said, Ditko is a true hero and the one true creator of Spider-Man. He did what he set out to do with the iconic fictional hero of Spider-Man/Peter Parker, succeeding, I think, even beyond anything he could have hoped to have achieved. Ditko’s name will be remembered, while the thieves who stole his work as their own will eventually be forgotten.

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