Steve Ditko cover recreations by Bruce McCorkindale

For the past few months I have been exploring the many cover recreations that illustrator and freelance artist Bruce McCorkindale has been commissioned to do by fans of Steve Ditko. McCorkindale has covered a variety of artists – from Wally Wood, to Dick Ayers and of course Jack ‘ The King’ Kirby. With McCorkindales help I have been allowed to share his personal scans of his Steve Ditko cover recreations so that all you cultists can enjoy. I think most of you will agree with me that they are quite amazing!

If you enjoyed his recreations check his twitter @BruceMcCorkindale and his freelance website Action Impulse.

An Amazing-spiderman/strange mash-up (above)

A what if version of the cover to Strange Tales #133 using Steve Ditko’s art to pg. 1 from ST #146 (above)

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