Snyder & Ditko: #16 Sixteen (Highlights)

It has been a week since I received Steve Ditko’s latest offering from his and Robin Snyder’s collaboration. First thing to say is that it is a true triumph. Art is very solid and because of the print quality you can actually see the strokes in the ink work making the experience less distanced from the artist involved. Like most of the 32s provided by Snyder & Ditko they contain an array of one-off – never before seen – stories and also familiar characters to which we have come accustomed to. The contents are:

  • 8-page ‘Madman’ story
  • 6-page ‘The Celebrity’ feature
  • 5-page ‘The Cape’ story
  • 8-page ‘Hero’ story
  • 5-page ‘The Outline’ story
  • 1-page ‘Huh!? Human Wisdom!? feature
  • back page illustration

I could try and attempt a critical analysis of the book (I am no journalist) but the best way for you to get an idea of what it offers is by looking at the first page of each story; then you can see what your missing!

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