NEWS/INFO: Steve Ditko Archive Volume 3 advance photo

Blake Bell, the author of the Steve Ditko Archive Series, has posted a photo of an advance copy to volume three with a brief statement to it’s content and relevance.

One paragraph of the few lines written stood out:

“The 240-page book is all from 1957 (Ditko’s output exploding that year to almost 500 pages of pencils and inks; a feat he matched in 1958, as well) and Ditko’s line is far more assured than in previous years. This period in his career is unique; he draws heavily on his Eastern European heritage for the ethnicity in his faces, settings, manner of dress, etc. He also developed many of the motifs seen in his 1960s Marvel work during 1957. Click on the above image to see a larger picture of the physical book. Fantagraphics has an 18-page preview on their website (where you can pre-order the book) that shows the immaculate restoration work that has gone into this volume.”

The full post can be viewed here:

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