Ditko Essays: Blake Bell’s “The Amazing Steve Ditko” from San Diego Comic Con Annual 2012

Blake Bell, a comic book historian and fan with a rich knowledge of Steve Ditko, has unveiled his 2000 word essay on Steve Ditko that he was comissioned to do for the second San Diego Comic Con Annual.

Because of the upcoming release of the film “The Amazing Spider-man” – directed by Mark Webb – the essay concentrates (like much of the annual) on the origin of the characters and the scripting of the stories as well as the practises within the Marvel offices at the time of its inception.

It is a interesting read, not only for its factual accuracy, but for it’s passionate portrayal for the man who still answers to fan mail and who is still producing great work.

READ “The Amazing Steve Ditko” ESSAY (Page 36-37)


READ Blake Bells blog w/ Comments

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