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Steve Ditko’s third mention in ‘CBR’s Urban Legends Revealed’ feature (a series of posts that determines if some myths/legends are true or false) concentrates on a 6-page letter Steve Skeates received while working on a Question story, illustrated by Steve Ditko.

This 6-page letter was sent because of the loose wording Steve Skeates employed when The Question was engaged with a criminal – calling him “friend”. Because of Steve Skeates account of events CBR deemed this to be true, here is what was said:

Ditko and I very rarely had any personal contact at all! Still, a rather interesting happenstance did occur when I scripted my one and only QUESTION episode (the one I wrote under the pen-name Warren Savin — “Kill Vic Sage!” it was called!)! I did a bit of dialogue in which The Question says to the villain of the piece “Now listen, my friend –” and therefore received a six-page letter from Steve detailing why the Question would never call a criminal “friend,” and even if he meant it sarcastically, why sarcasm was somehow beneath The Question!

This was a rather daunting and even rather scary letter for someone who was essentially still a “green kid” writingwise to receive, to say the least! The offending “friend” reference was of course removed from the finished product — in fact, one can still see where that reference originally was, seeing as there’s one balloon in that story that strangely has a larger than usual amount of empty white space in it!!

Here is the panel in question:

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