DitkoCultist.com Exclusive: The Creativity of Ditko (Yoe!books) announced!

It is our pleasure to be the first to announce IDW’s and Yoe!books new “The Creativity of Ditko” deluxe hardback (due in 2012).

“Here’s the never-before-seen cover of our next ditko book. This is a companion volume to 2009’s “The Art of Ditko”. Like that it’s a thick, deluxe and very large format hardback book at a very economical price. This book will be filled with Steve Ditko’s most creative stories that are not reduced in size, not sanitized. All killer, no filler! Only ditko’s best work. A beautiful reproduction on high quality paper.” (Craig Yoe, author)

This will be one of the most important publications on Steve Ditko because of its new, revealing content. Here is what is planned so far:

  • Never before published photos of Steve Ditko (working on unknown art)
  • An Introduction by Paul Levitz
  • Essays by Mike Gold and Jack C. Harris
  • A revealing essay by Amber Stanton (daughter of Erin Stanton) whos father shared a studio with Steve Ditko. She discusses Steve Ditko’s erotic work and an untold creation of Spider-man
  • Mykal Banta’s essay showing fan’s perspective on Steve Ditko
  • plus many art scans and dozens of full stories

Although the book is nearing completion Yoe!Books need more scans of original Steve Ditko artwork. If you have any that you wish to share contact Craig Yoe here.

We will keep you up-to-date with any development and breaking news on this great book.
If you haven’t already got “The Art of Ditko” (volume one) it is available at Amazon and Yoebook.com.

Stay tuned for more new announcements on THE CREATIVITY OF DITKO and for pre-order information!

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