Ditko Cover of the Week (#13) – Jack Kirby’s Secret City Saga #4

A great Steve Ditko cover from 1993! Based on the concept by Jack Kirby, Secret City Saga #4 is one of Steve Ditko’s overlooked comics that was distributed by Topps Comics (a division of Topps Trading Cards) during the early nineties comic boom.

Series: Jack Kirby’s Secret City Saga
Issue Number: 04
Publisher: Topps Comics
Year of Publication: 1993
Inker: George Perez
Interesting information:
“The concept itself saw Topps lease Kirby’s name alongside the characters, and saw the line referred to as “The Kirbyverse”. All the characters resided in the same shared universe, and the deal also presented the final time that Kirby had complete creative control over any of the many properties that he had created in his career. It was initially seen as a creative and financial failure. The line consisted of leftover concepts Kirby had developed years prior, and generated low sales and minimal reader interest, finding a niche only with hard-core Kirby [and Steve Ditko] fans” – From Kirby King of Comics Book
(image from Ditko-fever.com)

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