NEWS: New Site Update

You may have noticed that the layout has changed for

I hope you like it as it is now, but warning…there is more to come!

Here are the plans for the site:

  • Have an ‘easy to access’ archive of Ditko public domain comics via the “read Ditko online” page.
  • Have a ready to print checklist of Ditko comics (basic with no pictures) that can be accessed by anybody in one click
  • Have links to Ditko’s work in available collections (hardcovers): “Ditko in Hardcover”
  • Have links and pictures of Ditko’s new books by Robin Snyder under “new Ditko issues”
  • Have easy to access links for ordering Ditkomania and The Comics! newsletter

These will take weeks to implement (years for the archive), but hopefully with your patience it will make this site a little more useful and interesting to all cultists across the globe.

If you have any suggestions feel free to contact me via the comments or at

Stay tuned.


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