Ditko Cover of the Week (#11) – The House of Mystery #277

Its that time of the week again. Grab your comics, get your coffee and start reading! Or in the case… admiring.

Below is the cover from The House of Mystery #277 for DC Comics. Although Ditko is not known for his DC covers this highlights everything that is great about his massive career from 1953 to 2011. It truly is a sight to behold. It contains great composition, his signature trade-mark face collages and a terrified and fragile man. Can you spot any more? Look closer:

Series: The House of Mystery
Issue Number: 277
Publisher: DC
Year of Publication: 1980
Inker: Steve Ditko
Interesting information:
Steve Ditko only drew one cover for the whole series, this one. Also this issue contains no story art contributed by Steve Ditko (only a cover) despite providing 5 stories for other issues.
(image from Ditko-fever.com) 

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