INFO: The Voice of Ditko – From “Masters of Comic Book Art” VHS

In 1989 Steve Ditko did something that few fans would expect him to do… he revealed his voice!

For those of you who don’t know there are only 4 or so photos known to exist of Steve Ditko (in the public domain) and the choice to reveal his voice was unexpected and a cultists dream.

The recording itself was recorded and released for the VHS video “Masters of Comic Book Art”. It showcases art from the likes of Will Eisner (whom Ditko was a fan), Jack Kirby (whom Ditko worked with for decades) and Frank Miller (who wrote Sin City and 300). It is a revealing speech by Ditko on his objectivist beliefs and the law of identity.

Enjoy (click to save as…)

Listen to the Voice of Steve Ditko >>

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1 Response to INFO: The Voice of Ditko – From “Masters of Comic Book Art” VHS

  1. Nice! I’d always wondered what Ditko’s voice was like. Weird to hear him recite that insane philosophy of his.

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