Ditko Cover of the Week (#8) – Blue Ribbon #1

Its Friday and another “Ditko Cover of the Week” is here to kick off your comic reading weekend!

This weeks cover is  poorly printed, under appreciated and more less forgotten but Ditko’s wrap-around cover for Blue Ribbon ‘1 (Red Circle) is a piece of  genius that is  in the style of the great Golden age! What a treat!

Series: Blue Ribbon
Issue Number: 01
Publisher: Red Circle Comics Group
Year of Publication: 1983
Inker: Rudy Nebres
Interesting information:
“Under the Gun” (the feature within the issue) is written by Ditko’s long-term friend Robin Snyder, who also publishes and edits Ditko’s new 32-page books as well as writing and distributing the newsletter: The Comics!
The great Jack Kirby pencils the majority of the art within the issue. Ditko only did the cover; no additional art.
(image from Ditko-fever.com)

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