INFO: on Steve Ditko (Discussion & Interview)

Few people know as much about Steve Ditko than author Blake Bell, writer & artist Mort Todd and cultist Javier Hernandez who all joined up in 2008 to discuss Steve Ditko, his work and his strong Objectivist roots.

The discussion was hosted by and was spread over two parts. Part one contains a brief Introduction to Steve Ditko by Hernandez. Part Two containing an long detailed discussion with all three guests and some surprising details on Steve Ditko’s life,  his history with the comic industry and the objectivist philosophy.

To this day I have not listened to a more insightful and accurate discussion on Steve Ditko. It is a must listen to any fan, new or old, who wants to learn more about Steve Ditko. Here they are! Enjoy!

LISTEN TO PART ONE                                        LISTEN TO PART TWO

Blake Bell the author of Strange and Stranger and the Steve Ditko archive series. He is a true Ditko expert whos books are available from AMAZON US & AMAZON UK

Mort Todd is an experienced comic book professional who has worked for CRACKED magazine and is long-term collaborator and friend of Ditko.

Javier Hernandez is a indie comic book publisher and full time Ditko fan who can be followed on his site:

About DitkoCultist

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