Snyder & Ditko: #14

From Robin Snyder & Steve Ditko we now have the 14th issue of the new 32-page book series. Released in September 2011 it contains brand new art, brand new concepts and brand-spanking new stories! Among the stories in #14 are two new features, one called “The Distorter” which sees criminals being warped into strange and abstract shape when caught in a criminal act. The second is titled “The Complainers” which addresses and analysis’s the relationship between individuals in the comic industry. This is shown through the symbols of pen, paper, brush, ink and eraser. These two concepts, just like the ones the preceded it, are pushing the boundaries of story telling in the forgot and abandonded format of black and white comics. It is not a Steve Ditko & Robin Snyder release you can do without… Below are introductory pages from each of the stories in the book aswell as the back cover; click to enlarge:

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