NEWS: Steve Ditko’s 32 Pages #14 – NOW AVAILABLE! (UPDATED w/ link)

Drop the act. We now have the new book from Steve Ditko and Robin Snyder titled #14! Looking to get a copy? It is available from eBay dealer silent-reels – here – or directly from Robin Snyder who can be contacted via “The Comics!” section on Ditko comics web blog – here.

*UPDATE 05/10/11* Bob Heer of Ditko Comics Weblog has now set-up a link where you can purchase the new issue via paypal – here.

According to silent-reels this is what will be in the issue:

  • Miss Eerie. Is a crook going honest? Is Miss Eerie turning dishonest? 8 pages.
  • Untitled story of corruption spreading across the world, told in full-page panels. 10 pages.
  • The Cape. Ditko has come up with many visual innovations in his career. Here’s a new one! 6 pages.
  • The Distorter. A new character, introduced in 4 pages. I’m not even sure if the character appears in this story!
  • The Complainers, 4 pages. Tools of the trade speak their mind.
  • 2 more pages on back inside & outside covers; title page on inside front cover, showing the cover of A Ditko #15.
I have ordered my copy. You should too!

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