Marvel: ROM #68 – AD INFINITUM

Second issue of the second story arc for Steve Ditko and the Spaceknight sees the ultimate battle of man vs machine! Titled “AS INFINITUM” we follow ROM on an adventure to help settle a violent dispute between a banished human civilization and their mechanized invaders. Can ROM reach a grey compromise in this issue from July 1985?

With many years spent at Charlton Steve Ditko managed to achieve what most artists could not – with the exception of Wood & Frazzetta – by mastering the art of sci-fi illustration. Most could not capture the clean movement of objects (like ROM) in space, nor did they possess the imagination like the great digest writers of their day to visualize exspansive technology which we – the readers – had never before seen or great companies will never have the chance to sell. Steve Ditko’s art as suggested above is executed with his usual beauty and handled with great care by the inker Brett Breeding. Many readers of the ROM series back in the 80’s complained about the mixture of inkers that handled Ditko’s pencils and although there were a bad examples most were great and fitting to both ROM and to the sensitive pencils of SD.

Below are my highlights from the issue which if clicked will enlarge; read on and enjoy:

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