Marvel: Strange Tales #124 – “The Lady from Nowhere!”

Doctor Strange, the master of the mystic arts is at it again with another wonderful and unusual story in Strange Tales #124. Titled “The Lady from nowhere!” this issue is scripted by Stan Lee; of course penciled by Steve Ditko; inked by George Bell (one the best) and it lastly hit the newsstands in September 1964 – groovy! The story follows Doctor Strange on a mission to discover the secrets of a trapped woman whom cannot speak and by which there seems to be no way of being freed from a mysterious spell. Can Doctor Strange succeed? Ofcourse he can, this is a Marvel story remember! All the pages in this small story are a feast for the eyes; capturing Ditko’s work at his peak. Although I would like to select them all here are some highlight pages for you to explore; click to enlarge:

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