Snyder & Ditko: Act 8 – Making Lucky 13

Ditko, A talented, big time illustrator in 2011. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. This new eighth act – out now from here – is the lucky 13th issue of the new 32 series books and although the number suggests something which shouldn’t be desired this is something you cannot avoid . It contains two new full length features “you will never forget” and “E (e) and I (i)” which push the boundaries of comic book concepts and illustration. “You will never forget” is the most chilling of Dikto’s new stories. It follows a arrogant criminal who can no longer ignore the chilling face of a past victim he murdered. Is he being haunted? Is he insane? It is hard to tell, but the constant reminder of a face who once lived is executed (pun alert) with a chilling smile that even you or I (the reader) cannot forget.
The second of these new stories – “E (e) and I (i)” – stretches the boundaries of identity. In a world where every male is called “Ed” and every female “Ida” troubles of identifying a murderer should be expected; especially when they last gasp of the victim sounds both like “Ed” or “Ida”. This unusual tales delves into the depths of justice, fairness and truth.
The issue also contains an appearance from personal favorite “The Grey Negotiator” who steps into a world of logic and rationality. No comproimise there. Also inside is a large “The MadMan” story and some one-page illustrations.
This is a book you should pick up – don’t let the number scare you! Here are some sample pages from each of the four stories and the back cover; click to enlarge:

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