Snyder & Ditko: Act 7 Seven – 2011

Act Seven marks the second release of the 32 page book series from Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko for 2011. It has two stories featuring modern Ditko star “The Hero”; one new P-Mask story (second ever printed) and a last “The !?” Story – that is a super hero story. One thing which is notable about this issue is the amount of action in it. The Hero is kicking ‘behinds’ in every panel and he doesn’t hold back on any of the pesky criminals; kapow!. The real highlight of the issue for me is the new “P-Masks” story which continues on the concept from its introductory issue in January. This is a great issue and worthy addition to the Ditko 32 series. One thing which is notable is they just keep getting better and better with the concepts getting more expansive and more interesting. Here are some sample pages from each of the four stories and the back cover; click to enlarge:

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