INFO: Steve Ditko — HA! / AH! — Laughing at Death by Ken Parille

Once in a while somebody writes an article which is thought out, well constructed, straight to the point and informative on Steve Ditko’s work. These occurrences are few and far between but thanks to a writer by the name of Ken Parille of The Comics Journal we have a new one today to absorb and share.
It went live (online) on August 25th with the title of “Steve Ditko — HA! / AH! — Laughing at Death”. As the title suggests it centres on the dark and often misunderstood humour of Steve Ditko. Unlike most other articles floating around the net this one is well written and formatted with appropriate pictures to accompany the dialogue. It is also different/better than most others as it is not solely on Spider-man or Doctor Strange – who would have thought it! What it does deal with is a large scope of Ditko’s work; from the days at Charlton, to The Creeper at DC and finally to modern day objectivism and The Avenging Mind.

This thought provoking article can be found below – enjoy. You can also discuss it on the Ditkomania forums here.

Read HA! / AH! — Laughing at Death by Ken Parille >>

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