Graphic Illusions: Mr. A 1969

I have just received the Graphic Illusions fanzine which contains a 5-page Mr. A story. And from what I have just read it is my favorite Mr.A story ever! These are the reasons:

  • The composition of the panels is a astounding. For example no page is the same, but still the strength of the pages remains throughout and there is a surprise around every corner.. The pacing of the panels is also comfortable and the simplicity of them makes it a dramatic but comfortable read.
  • The depiction of the characters is admirable. Mr. A is strong, bold, stable, composed and rational. All this shows through the steady, hard lines of Ditko’s inking and the hard, towering poses of Mr. A. This is supported by the symbolic imagery of the black and the white calling card; showing the strong and the weak. This weakness is referring to the only other character in the story: an irrational fool who only wants compromise. He is shown as naive, ignorant, sneaky and self destructive.
I had seen clips of this story before, however I had never until now had the pleasure of reading it. Here are my hightlights and a illustration which featured on the back cover of the magazine; click to enlarge:

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