Marvel: Tales to Astonish #67 – Where strides the Behemoth

“Where strides the behemoth” is the last story Steve Ditko would ever pencil for the classic Marvel series: Tales to Astonish. It is a dramatic end for the illustrator but not for the kidnapped scientist Bruce Banner as it is later picked up by the Marvel master; legendary Jack Kirby. It is a shame that Steve Ditko did not continue until the end of the story arc – one which sees THE HULK battle evil communists – however this last and final issue can be appreciated on its own. With features like the crushing bludgeoning of tanks, the depiction of scrawny opportunist kidnappers and the revealing of a fragile and torn Bruce Banner this last and final issue is one to be remembered. Here are my highlights from the issue with the final page which contains a brief ‘send off’ for Steve Ditko; (click to enlarge):

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1 Response to Marvel: Tales to Astonish #67 – Where strides the Behemoth

  1. jrobertsmith says:

    I always liked Ditko’s version of the Hulk. Ditko apparently had a great talent for recreating established characters. Witness his takes on Hulk, Iron Man, and the Blue Beetle. In each case he improved the original in both obvious and subtle ways.

    The first three panels are classic digs, in a way. From what I’ve read, Lee absolutely hated to see Marvel’s characters portrayed in butt shots. Of course Ditko excelled in showing unique perspectives, some of them from behind. I sometimes wonder if he included such panels just to get under Lee’s skin–especially if it was done in a way that made it too late to alter the art by the in-house bullpen.

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